Ambassadorial Advisory Board

Televised talk-show featuring prior US Ambassadors to Romania Mr. Mark Gitenstein and Mr. Alfred Moses of the RACC Ambassadorial Advisory Board

Digi24, 2014

The Ambassadorial Advisory Board of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce™ is comprised of the living former U.S. Ambassadors to Romania and the former Romanian Ambassadors to the United States and United Nations. It is chaired by former U.S. Ambassador, Senator James C. Rosapepe, and its members include former U.S. Ambassadors to Romania John R. Davis, Alfred Moses, Michael Guest and Mark Gitenstein, and former Romanian Ambassadors Mircea Geoana, Sorin Ducrau, Ion Gorita, Alexandru Niculescu and Mihnea Motoc. Among its functions, the Ambassadorial Advisory Board holds webinars for the public to discuss current issues in U.S.-Romanian relations and, each year, the RACC holds an annual dinner in the Advisory Board’s honor at which the Armand Scala Prize is awarded.

Our Leadership Team

The Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors. We also depend on an experienced staff to deliver the services your company needs to succeed.


Mark A. Meyer

National Chamber Chairman President

Team Member Executive Director

Elias Wexler

Executive Director
President, New York & International Chapter

Team Member Cleveland President

Gaius Vaduva

Cleveland Chapter

Team Member Arizona President

Ligia Ilea-Naik

Arizona Chapter

Team Member LA President

Vlad Ghenciu

Los Angeles Chapter

Team Member Florida President

Anda O. Malescu

Florida Chapter

Team Member New York President

Elias Wexler

New York Chapter

Team Member Washington President

Dorin Munteanu

Washington DC Chapter

Team Member San Francisco President

Alin Alistar

San Francisco Chapter

Team Member Bucharest President

George Costin Rusu

Bucharest Chapter

Team Member Iași President

Marius Alexa

Iași Chapter

Team Member IT-Alliance President

Bogdan Capatina

IT-Alliance Chapter